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Address: 46W 725 Rt 38, Maple Park, IL


Products: natural hormone-free beef,

pork and egg's

Hi! My name is Bob. I am a local farmer and along with my beautiful wife Marcia, own and operate our farm. We're Proud to say "Local, Wholesome, Healthy, Natural, Farm Fresh!"  



If you have been buying and consuming Meats and Eggs from your local Grocer and you still think everything about your eggs and meat is "ok"?

Maybe you should watch the video below?


Where We Will Be...
by Burgin Farms

9 am til Noon
Baker Memorial United Methodist Church
307 Cedar Avenue
Saint Charles, IL 60174

9am til Noon
Batavia Market inside Gaetanos Restaurant
15 E Wilson Ave.
Batavia, IL

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Expiers 11/8/12

Find us in St Charles, Geneva, Elburn, Batavia and Maple Park Illinois at local Farmers Markets. | In St Charles 4th Avenue and Main Street, along Baker Memorial United Methodist Church in downtown Saint Charles | In Geneva at the French Market | Elburn | In Maple Park at our Farm
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